Diabetes affects more than 29 million people worldwide. Today, 1 out of every 11 people have diabetes. When you eat certain foods, your body breaks this food down into glucose. Diabetes is due to a rise in blood glucose levels that the body cannot handle. As we all know, CBD is a compound that helps in curing various health issues. One such health issue that CBD helps to reduce to a great extent is Diabetes. Today in this article we are going to discuss how can CBD helps in treating diabetes. Let’s get started with CBD Diabetes-

What is Diabetes

Before jumping directly into the CBD diabetes first let us understand about Diabetes.
Well, diabetes scientifically known as Diabetes mellitus is a condition that can cause a significant rise in the sugar level(glucose) in the blood. Glucose levels within the physical body naturally fluctuate. Once they increase, they trigger the pancreas to secrete insulin. This secretion regulates blood sugar levels by stimulating muscle and fat cells to get rid of excess glucose from the blood. Insufficient insulin generation ends up with high glucose levels.

Types of Diabetes

There are two main types of diabetes which are-

Type 1 Diabetes

In this body makes little or no insulin because the body’s immune system mistakenly destroys the beta cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. This type is generally diagnosed in children and young adults.

Type 2 Diabetes

90% of adults have diabetes type 2. In this type, the beta cells in your pancreas produce insulin, but not enough to keep blood sugar levels within normal range. The body doesn’t respond properly to insulin. Thus leading to high blood sugar levels.

CBD for Diabetes

According to the national diabetes statistics report, it is said that 2107 neatly two million people in the US were diagnosed with diabetes. CBD works very well for treating diabetes. Researchers have proven that CBD has potential medical properties. It was researched in 2005 from the American Alliance for medical cannabis has listed various benefits that cannabis and CBD for diabetes. CBD helps in keeping blood vessels open and improve circulation, and stabilize blood sugar level. It also helps to prevent inflammation in nerves which relieves muscle cramps and gastrointestinal pains, lowers blood pressure and assists  treatment of “Restless leg syndrome.”

Research show that CBD oil is beneficial for patients who have Type-1 diabetes, It can help in:

The Purest CBD

  • Stabilizing blood sugar levels
  • The anti-inflammatory compound thus reducing inflammation occurring from diabetes in kidneys ( also know as Diabetes Nephropathy)
  • Reduce pain levels in Diabetes Neuropathy.
  • Helps to reduce blood pressure gradually
  • Reduce the inflammation in the retinal blood vessels as well as their leaking.
  • CBD receptors can also be helpful in regulating the circulation and function of the heart.


We hope that you found the article informative on how CBD helps to cure diabetics. So, if you are diabetic patient then try CBD, you’ll surely find the positive results. Thanks for reading.

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