If you or someone you know suffers from epilepsy and is searching for ways to treat it then you are in the right article. CBD can be the ultimate option for treatment for epileptic seizures. This magical cannabinoid has been studied in helping with this chronic condition. CBD for epilepsy can be helpful in reducing the intensity and frequency of these seizures. Let us know more about this further in the article:

What is Epilepsy?

According to the Epilepsy Foundation, “Epilepsy is a neurological condition which affects the nervous system. Epilepsy is also known as a seizure disorder. It is usually diagnosed after a person has had at least two seizures (or after one seizure with a high risk for more) that were not caused by some known medical condition.”

The probable cause of epilepsy is unknown. Around 65 million people in the world suffer from epilepsy. Out of these 3.4 million are alone from the U.S.A.

Injuries such as brain injuries, brain tumors, or strokes can lead to epileptic seizures. CBD can be an effective option of treatment in treating epilepsy and its various symptoms.

Causes and Symptoms of Epilepsy

In most of the cases the causes of epilepsy are unknown but sometimes these can also be identified. Some of the causes of the secondary type of epilepsy are:

Damage of brain caused at childbirth

Stroke that restricts the oxygen that goes to the brain

Brain Tumors

Genetic conditions or genetic syndromes

If you face two or more than two seizures, then it’s high time to consult a doctor

Usually, the symptoms of Epilepsy depends on where the disturbance in the brain starts first and how far does it spread in the brain. The temporary symptoms of epilepsy include disturbance in vision, taste, loss of consciousness, disturbance in hearing capabilities, mood swings or any cognitive disorder.

Using CBD for Epilepsy

Cannabidiol is a very powerful cannabinoid which is extracted from the Hemp Plant. Studies state that Cannabidiol can be a helpful remedy in reducing the frequency of seizures in epilepsy patients.

Grape Flavored CBD Oil

It is believed that CBD for Epilepsy can directly act on these epileptic seizures. According to Dr. Devinsky, CBD binds to the brain receptor found in the endocannabinoid system in the brain. It interacts with these receptors this balancing the calcium activity in the nerve cells.

Reports state that using CBD oil for seizures reduced the seizure activity by 37% in the average patients and for 2% of patients seizures completely stopped.

Wrapping Up!

Thus, this is not a myth that CBD can treat epileptic seizures and reduce their intensity. Also, being non-psychoactive in nature, CBD will never induce any euphoric feeling when consumed. It also is beneficial in treating problems such as anxiety, mood swings, depression, and more.

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