There’s a lot of buzz around about the use of CBD for medicinal purposes. Though advanced researches are still going on and governments are yet to legalize it in many countries, one of the world’s largest beverages company Coca-Cola is considering to offer a range of drinks with CBD infused in it.

It can be a revolutionary move in the soft drinks segment. As there are millions of consumers, who may consider drinking beverages with CBD in it for the management of inflammation, pain, and cramps.

And when this drink would be offered with no side-effects, it can be a huge success because people are really worried about the side effects involved with the use of steroids and opioids.

Coca-Cola To Consider The Launch Of CBD-Infused Drinks

An article published by TheGuardian recently highlighted this groundbreaking development which informs that Coca-Cola is working on an idea to have a tie-up with a Canadian CBD producer for its CBD infused drinks.

The major concern will be to offer cannabis-infused drinks that would subside pain of the consumers without giving them the feeling of high.

It means the major beverage player is trying to make a potentially safe CBD infused drink for the consumers throughout the world.

CBD Infused Drinks

Government’s Verdict

Governments of various countries have already permitted the use of CBD for medicinal purposes as it contains non-psychoactive ingredients and can legalize it for the recreational use in the future.

There is no doubt at all that the functional wellness industry is growing day by day. People are running away from steroids and opioids due to the abuses and side-effects involved with them.

So if they get an alternative which is potentially safe for use even in chronic diseases, it can be a huge success in the foods and beverage industry.

Researches That Back CBD Benefits

Various researches have proved the real worth of CBD as these compounds are capable of relieving conditions like arthritis.

Researchers are also convinced that legal low-concentrate CBD oil has the power to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. One more study involved with cannabidiol suggests that it may help people with psychotic disorders. Thus it is very clear that the world is gradually getting informed about the healing abilities of CBD.

And when major soft drinks producers like Coca-Cola hits the market with CBD infused drinks, it would be a remarkable launch at the time when the soft drinks market is gloomy. Though there are no formal announcements and decisions about the launch of non-intoxicating CBD infused drinks by Coca-Cola yet, if it happens the beverages industry will have another feather in the cap.

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