Plica syndrome is a vexing problem that happens when an otherwise normal component in the knee causes knee pain due to overuse or injury. The diagnosis may sometimes be difficult, though if this causes your knee pain, it may be treated easily. CBD helps in alleviating the knee pain resulting from this condition due to its analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and muscle relaxant properties.

What Is Plica Syndrome?

CBD For Plica Syndrome
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The plica is a fold within the membrane enclosing your knee joint. Your knee joint is enclosed with a fluid-laden capsule known as the synovial membrane.

You possess 3 capsules in the fetal level, known as the synovial plicae that grow near the progressing knee joint. These are generally absorbed prior to birth. Nevertheless, in one study from 2006, 95% of people having arthroscopic surgery still had some portion of the synovial plicae.

Plica syndrome happens as one of your places gets inflamed, generally due to an injury. It frequently happens within the center of your kneecap, termed medial plica syndrome.

Causes Of Plica Syndrome

Plica syndrome is generally caused by overuse or stressing your knee. This is frequently caused by exercises that need you to bend and straighten your knee, like biking, running, or using a stair-climbing machine.

An injury due to an accident, like a car accident or a fall, can also lead to plica syndrome.

Symptoms Of Plica Syndrome

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The primary symptom of plica syndrome is knee pain, though numerous other conditions can cause this also. Pain concerning plica syndrome is generally:

  • Worse when squatting, using stairs, or bending
  • Achy, instead of sharp or shooting

Other symptoms of plica syndrome include:

  • A locking or catching sensation within your knee as getting up from a chair after you have been sitting for an extended period
  • A cracking or clicking sound as you twist or stretch your knee
  • Problems sitting for prolonged periods of time
  • A feeling of instability on slopes and stairs

You may also feel your inflamed plica when you press upon your knee cap.

How CBD Is Effective In Plica Syndrome

CBD aids to mitigate the symptoms of plica syndrome on account of its pain relieving, inflammation lowering and muscle relaxing properties.

Serves To Reduce Inflammation

As the white blood cells in your body to identify a foreign substance such as a virus, your immune system starts acting to secure your body from further complications. However, occasionally our immune system starts an inflammatory response even in the absence of any foreign threats in the body. This makes your own cells attack your body, leading to inflammation.

CBD not only acts to treat and stop inflammation, but they also show efficacy in lowering both the production and discharge of pro-inflammatory cytokines. It also cuts LPS-induced STAT1 transcription factor stimulation which furthers specific inflammatory processes.

The cannabinoids in CBD offer it the capacity for analgesia and numbness by neuromodulation in ascending and descending pathways, anti-inflammatory, and Neuroprotective mechanisms.

Aids To Lower Pain

CBD halts the reuptake and disintegration of the chemical anandamide, the hormone that helps to regulate pain. Anandamide, under the effect of CBD, circulates in the bloodstream easily and decreases the feeling of pain within a person. Moreover, CBD also communicates with the regions of your brain which involve pain response like the hypothalamus which also includes cannabinoid receptors. Additionally, studies have also shown that CBD interacts with the immune system together with brain receptors. These receptors accept a group of chemical impulses from stimuli and assist your body cells to respond to these impulses. Such cannabinoid receptors upon responding to CBD produce an anti-inflammatory impact that assists to alleviate pain.

CBD may also attach itself to the vanilloid receptor which controls pain sensation and thus regulates the operation of the vanilloid in lowering pain sensitivity. It may also induce the brain to discharge certain feel-good substances such as endorphins that can lower the pain response.

Functions Like A Muscle Relaxant

The relaxing qualities of CBD impact the entire body including your tendons, ligaments, and muscles. It soothes your body and alleviates stiff joints. Besides, it also aids to control blood circulation and decrease blood pressure.

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Cannabidiol or CBD also assists to ease tense muscles. It will allow patients of Plica Syndrome easier movement by relaxing the hamstring muscles.

Conclusion On CBD For Plica Syndrome

Although few of the causes of knee pain may need surgical intervention, others have not attained that degree of severity. Even patients who undergo surgery occasionally still struggle with achy knees. If you’re consuming either prescription or over-the-counter pain medicines on a regular basis to cope with your knee pain resulting from Plica Syndrome, then it’s time to check out CBD.


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